Voice Response

Voice Response allows you to access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even if you do not have a smart phone. Contact a UFCU representative to receive your initial voice response pin number. You will not be able to use voice response without this number.


Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with UFCU’s new Voice Response system.
You’ll need to use a touch-tone phone, of course!
See one of our member service representatives to get your voice response pin number initialized.  You won’t be able to use voice response without this number.
Call 1-877-541-4388 (toll free from any phone), the voice response system will answer your call
After the first prompt, enter 1, then enter your member number followed by the # sign
After the next prompt, enter your secret pin number or password followed by the pound sign


Congratulations!  You are now ready to initiate queries and transactions with the voice response system.  You will hear the following “main menu”.


  • press 1 to review account balances
  • press 2 to review your recent transactions (cleared checks, deposits, withdrawals)
  • press 3 to get interest and dividend information
  • press 4 to get payroll information
  • press 5 to get loan information
  • press 6 to transfer funds between accounts
  • press 7 to withdraw funds
  • press 8 for other services
  • press * to end this call


If you make a mistake and get into the wrong menu, you can return to the previous menu by pressing *.  [Pressing * from the main menu ends your call.]

For some transactions, you’ll need to know the designations for our different types of accounts.  Here is a list for your reference:


  • S1 and S2: Savings
  • S7 Christmas Club Savings
  • S10 Checking
  • L1 New Vehicle Loan
  • L2 Used Vehicle Loan
  • L3 Signature Loan
  • L9 Share Secured Loan
  • L11 Overdraft Protection
  • L12 Home Equity Loan
  • L50 Visa Credit Card