Frequently Asked Questions


Routing Number



Wiring Instructions

The instructions to wire funds to University Federal Credit Union are:

  1. Wire to Bank of North Dakota, routing number 091 300 285.
    Bank of North Dakota SWIFT Code (for international wire transfers only) NODKUS44
  2. With further credit to University Federal Credit Union, routing number 291 378 648
  3. Final credit: Your Name and Account Number


You must use these instructions in their entirety. UFCU does not use a SWIFT code. UFCU charges an incoming wire transfer fee of $8.00.



Your first check order must be placed by contacting UFCU. If you ordered checks, they will arrive in 7 to 10 days. Checks can be reordered online.

Note: you are only able to order checks online if your last order was placed through University Federal CU and you are not making any changes to the information currently on them.


ATM & Debit Cards

Your ATM or debit card will arrive in 7-10 business days after they have been ordered. The PIN number will arrive separately.

When you receive your card and PIN, you will need to activate the card by calling the number on the front of the card (1-866-985-2273) from your home phone and following the instructions. You will be allowed to change the PIN at the time of activation.

To report your ATM or debit card lost or stolen call 1-800-535-8440.

Use the Money Pass or Co-Op Network to withdraw funds at no cost to you.


Choosing Credit or Debit at the Merchant:

When swiping your card at a merchant you may be asked to select Credit or Debit.

  • If you choose Credit, you will be required to sign (based on the dollar amount) and the exact amount of the purchase will be deducted from your account.
  • If you choose Debit, you will be required to enter your PIN number and are able to receive cash back from the transaction if you choose.


Visa Credit Cards

Your Visa credit card will arrive in 7-10 business days after it is ordered. The PIN for your Visa Credit Card will arrive separately.


Online Account Access

If you are a first time user of University Federal Credit Union’s Online Account Access you must obtain your initial password from UFCU.



You will receive an email reminder notifying you that your statement is available to view within Online Account Access or the Mobile App.


Notary Service

Complimentary notary service is available at both UFCU locations. Please bring an unexpired government issued photo id with you to the office.