External Transfers

An External Transfer allows you to transfer funds electronically between your UFCU account and a secondary account that you own. This option is available using Online Account Access and the Mobile App. This transfer may only be completed between U.S. financial institutions.


You must first add an account by inputting your account number and routing number for your secondary account. After you add your secondary account you will be asked to confirm a small deposit and withdrawal that was made to that account. Please allow 1-2 business days for the small deposit and withdrawal to appear in the transaction history of your secondary account. After activating your secondary account you may schedule a transfer. Listed below are the terms for such transfers:

Credit (incoming) Transfer Limit per Transaction $1,000
Credit (incoming) Transfer Limit per Day is $2,000
Credit (incoming) Transfer Limit per Month is $5,000

Debit (outgoing) Transfer Limit per Transaction is $2,500
Debit (outgoing) Transfer Limit per Day is $5,000
Debit (outgoing) Transfer Limit per Month is $7,500

Need a higher transfer limit? Request one today by emailing creditunion@universityfcu.net.