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Frequently Asked Financial Questions:


Who can join UFCU?


Topic: What Is A Credit Union?

What is a Credit Union and what are the Operating Principles?

What is the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank?

How do Credit Unions help people?


Topic: Credit Score

What is one thing that can help raise my credit score? – With Lacey CEO Of UFCU

What affects my credit score?

What goes into a credit score & what does the number mean?

Credit reports & credit scores explained in one minute.

What is a FICO score and what does it mean?

Understanding your credit report.


Topic: Credit Cards

Credit Cards 101

Credit Card mistakes & best practices


Topic: Saving

Saving For College 

Saving & finding an apartment


Topic: Personal Loans

Personal Loans 101

Loan mistakes & best practices


Topic: Scams & What To Know

The Gift Card Scam

Scams Targeting College Students

Six Scams For College Students To Be Aware Of


Topic: Auto Loans

What Do I Need In Order To Start The Process Of An Auto Loan At UFCU?


Examples Of Predatory Lending Tactics & What To Look Out For

What is Predatory Lending?

7 Predatory Lending Warning Signs


Topic: Holiday Budgeting and Understanding Your Options

Store Financing- What Does The Small Print Mean?

Starting A Holiday Budget

How To Prevent Holiday Overspending

Holiday Budget Worksheet